Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD TV

We are looking at the Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD 49 Inch TV (2015 Model)  

Here is the reason why we have ranked the Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD on this site, the ‘best picture and sound’ . Naturally if you are considering upgrading to a 4K TV you will certainly want the best picture and sound which is where the Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K Ultra HD TV ticks all of the boxes!

In this review we are going to show you this very popular Sony KD-49X8305C 4KTV features. We are going to talk about what those features mean, why they are so good and why you should pick this 4K TV to purchase. We will tell you about any deals that are currently available and we will also look at existing customers opinions of this 4K TV both the good and the bad so you can make a much more informed buying decision.

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Let us take a look at the features of Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD TV

  • 4K Ultra HD 4 times more detail
  • 4K X-Reality PRO Picture Engine up-scaling to 4K
  • Motion flow XR800Hz gives smooth and sharp details
  • BRAVIA meets Android TV
  • Slim and Stylish Design
  • Motion flow XR 800Hz Reduced blur and judder
  • Powerful 4K processor X1 chip

 Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD

This is a review of the Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD

You will get a TV that offers you a picture 4 times clearer compared to the best HD 4K TV set!

Actually the Sony KD-49X8305C 4K TV will certainly provide you 8 million individual pixels compared to a standard HD TELEVISION that give you about 2000.

There is one big reason why you will want to check out Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD too. It enhances lower resolution common 1080p TV which is thanks to the unique pro chip. If you are bothered with standard HD not looking as great on the Television then this Pro chip should help you there.

You will certainly be able to connect the Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD to Wi-Fi and then stream TV from Netflix and various other popular services!

We suggest you take a look at the Sony KD-49X8305C Smart 4K UHD TV below
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The Sony Bravia KD-49X8305

Sleek and Slim design

This KD-49X8305C’s sleek and slimline styling really blends in without any effort into a living room, standing or even easier mounting on a wall. The screen has very minimal bezels, so you can focus on entertainment with nearly edge-to-edge pictures. It’s an ideal mix of form and function for a real immersive entertainment experience.

The Sony KD-49X8305C excels in image quality. The screen of this 4KTV has an Ultra HD / 4K resolution. This resolution gives fantastic sharpness. Which means more detail, better colour and a better perception of your images. The resolution is 4x greater than the more conventional 1920 x 1080 Full HD screen, and it’s a difference you will really notice. With its 3840 x 2160 pixels, the Sony KD49X8305 is really part of the 4K UHD revolution.

4K X-Reality PRO

Enhanced Sony KD-49X8305C with X-Reality PRO every picture right up to 4K.

All images whatever their resolution are now upscaled to near 4K standard. Thanks to Sony’s X-Reality PRO 4K technology, whatever you are watching, from TV broadcasts, 4K Internet videos, Blu-rays and DVD’s , the picture is really boosted to 4K Ultra HD clarity with greater contrast and more lifelike colours.

4K Processor X1

The powerful imaging X1 chip is able to also upscale images having a lower resolution than ultra HD and to upgrade them to Ultra HD / 4K. This X1 chip analyses the footage frame by frame, so that the best colours, black levels and contrast are realised. Resources are intelligently analysed and scaled up to 4K resolution. Giving you stunning, crisp 4K images with accurate colours and a sparkling contrast on your Sony KD-49X8305C.

Motionflow XR

With Motionflow XR 800Hz, every image through the screen refreshes at a much higher rate than normal.    Sony KD-49X8305C 

Sports along with any fast-moving action looks noticeably smoother, sharper a lot more natural, resulting in reduced blur and judder.

Enjoy smooth and sharp details even in fast-moving sequences with Motionflow™ XR. This innovative technology invents and inserts these extra frames in between the original ones. It looks at key visual factors through successive frames, then it calculates every split second of missing action in the sequences.

Ease of use – Android TV 2015

This Sony KD-49X8305C Smart TV has all the latest Android software, which allows you to take advantage of the new and extensive capabilities this system, which also is used on smartphones and tablets.

Your smart TV just got much smarter. Think of all the things you really love doing on smartphone or tablet, now you can do all these on the big, beautiful BRAVIA screen. This all-new Sony Android TV lets you connect and really enjoy any content, from apps to movies, between different Android devices. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to quickly and easily this Smart TV to life. Because the Sony KD-49X8305C works with Android, you can connect almost all the apps that are in the Google Play Store.

If you want to surf maybe even on the internet, then you could use a wireless keyboard. Do you have a smartphone or tablet running on Android or IOS, then all it gets even more fun! Then you can directly use it as a remote control for the  Sony KD-49X8305C TV , and not just like a regular remote control. Do you have a great photo or video that you share? Not a problem! By pressing the button send this content to the television. Do you want to search through Google? Then you do not even have anything to enter. By speaking into the microphone of your phone you give your search on the TV.

RMF TX100E Remote

Sony RMF TX100E is a new remote control available to you. It has the ease of a smartphone and looks again very elegant. HEVC which is a compressed file format, ensures that large files can be made smaller with a very minimum loss of quality.

This HEVC allows you to playback 4K programs from Netflix at the maximum best quality.

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