Sony Bravia 4K UHD Televisions 2016

Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV 2016

Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV which are ultra high definition (UHD) televisions and currently among the best that you can lay your hands on in the market nowadays.

Sony Bravia 4K HDR
Sony Bravia 4K HDR 2016 Televisions


Sony offer the most exceptional features. This is due to the fact the various brands are produced with superior technologies.


These brands are excellent because they are very smooth smart televisions. Since 2014 when Sony started producing the Bravia series, there has been steady improvement in the features provided, allowing Sony to compete with all the various products from other producers.

There are many different line-ups of these products and they fall under the category X series or Bravia models. These models are unique because these are the only series from Sony that feature 4K ultra display technology. Apart from that superior display technology, there are other features and specifications that are all associated with these display technologies. These features set Bravia and Series X separate from other products by Sony.

The production of these special models series X models started in 2014, but there are generally improvements when you consider the models that were released in 2014, 2015, 2016 and now what is released in 2017. These latest series numbers are now including a ‘D’ for 2016 and ‘E’ for 2017. They have many other features that really do enhance the quality of the series and you can see this in colour rendition, HDR technology, as well as smart television features.

The model numbering system of Sony is different for USA versus Europe (UK) but there is a similarity if you look for it. Examples are USa system has the X for series and a number for the model range suffixed by the year coded letter e.g X930D whereas the Uk equivalent is XD93 which in turn includes model XD9305. We have added model nos in the following review to assist with comparisons on the intenet.

New Sony Bravia 2017 

Sony XE93
Sony XE93/94

Sony Bravia XBR-XE93/XE94

The new Sony flagship LED-LCD TV is the Sony Bravia XBR-XE9305, Sony Bravia XBR-XE9405,which has a new full array backlight feature that is really improved slim backlight drive.

The XE9305 has it all, the features combine for fantastic picture quality. There is the HDR widened colour gamut, Triluminous Display technology, Extended Dynamic Range Pro, the X1 4K Processor also the X-Reality Pro up-scaling algorithm.

Sony Bravia XBR-XE90 4K

Models XE9005

Has some minor picture quality downgrades from the XBR-XE93 above.

Firstly with full array local dimming, which one of the best features of an LED/LCD TV.

Further provided is a contrast enhancement booster mechanism called the X-tended Dynamic Range Pro 5X.

Finally, a different yet new processor included in the redesigned 4K HDR X1 engine, with upgrading content so as to look more like HDR content

All three of these are slightly scaled down features compared to the XE93 above.

Sony Bravia 2016 Models


With an exceptional picture and price combination together with good solid features, the same as 2015 model the XC80. The XD80 models are XD8005 through XD8099.

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These 4K TV’s have a very thin quarter inch frame with a 2 inch or so depth as on the XD80 series having a matt black finish frame that did look so good in the 2015 model. Sony has stuck with the simplistic centre mounted stand which always keeps the TV looking so sleek.

In summary it’s an almost frame-less, and unobtrusive design which allows the picture to stand out well.


Highlighted are Sony’s X1 processor, improved HDR capability, ultra slim design with slim backlight drive, and zonal grid video processing.

The new model has superb up-scaling and conversion of standard definition, HD, DVD, and even Blu-ray incoming content. Sony’s new advanced (video) noise reduction gives these newer models an excellent smooth quality

The XD9305 has it all in terms of picture features, High Dynamic Range, X1 Processor, and X-Reality Pro up-scaling algorithm, and with widened colour gamut Triluminous Display technology. All this features combine to produce a fantastic picture.

Sony XD85 4K LED TV

The Sony XD85 is available in 4 sizes for 2016/2017. 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85”.

Models include XD8505 through XD8599.

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As above with the XD80 model, Sony’s designed elements for the 2016/2017 selections are simple and very straightforward.  The thin frame and two inch or so depth on the XD85 series. It’s basically the same as 2015 models. The XD85 almost frame-less, but very unobtrusive design really enhances the picture quality.

Key Features

X1 Processor

The 2016 and 2017 Sony Bravia series reflect features that highlight the 4K X1 processor. The X1 processor has always done a great job for Sony Bravia but even more so now with all the improvements. The X1 processor is the central core of the Bravia’s innovative technology and production of such a great product.

X-Reality PRO Engine

The X-Reality PRO Engine is considered a sub system within the processor. Representing Upscaling technology which is now a pre-requisite of all modern 4K televisions. Producing better performance you will discover that X-reality pro delivers the very best upscaling SD, full high definition display and this content can be used in modern Blu-ray equipment.

 X-tended Dynamic Range

You can see the technology at its best when you use any of the products from the company within this series. If you observe the series discussed above, they feature X-tended Dynamic Range technology. It is another premium feature from the company. This feature makes it possible for the product to deliver dynamic range. This feature has been available since 2014 when the 4K technology started.

 Triluminos Display

Sony’s version of the wider colour gamut technology ‘Triluminos Display’ is distinguishable from other brands in the marketplace, in that Sony has been using wider colour gamut for longer than other manufacturers.

Triluminos Display offers a unique colour enhancement.  Which has been part of the technology way back since the inception of 4K back in the year 2014. This colour enhancement can display more than others do and this sets all these Bravia products apart from these others.

Audio Technology

There is a large variation in the aspect of audio technology and while this is good in some products, it is not always the best in some others. The products being discussed above featured Sony’s clear audio technology and other true sound specifications, the audio technology of Sony Bravia models will draw you to like these products.


These models are part of a series which Is amongst the best that you can ever get in the industry. When you look into and consider their smart television platform and the features it has, you will notice the interplay of technology. Sony Bravia offers the best features that you are looking to find in the industry. Sony Bravia is competing with all similar brands on the market and winning many.

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