Samsung UE65HU8500 3D Curved 4K Ultra HD

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Looking at the Best 4K TV’s one cannot ignore the Samsung market which is really growing strongly especially in the UK.

Among these 4K TV’s is the most popular Samsung UE65HU8500 3D Curved LED 4K Ultra HD SMART which as the name suggests is a 65 inch 4K Ultra TV which is rated 4* because its a 2014 model.

The 4KTV is produced by Samsung Electronics and being a 2014 model there are plenty of customer reviews, to analyse other people’s first hand views, unlike the newer models of course which don’t have reviews yet.

The variable screen size comes in all popular sizes a 79″, 55″ or a 65 inch which is currently the most popular screen size in the United Kingdom.

Here are the 4KTV features:

Curved TV Screen
24p Movies
3D TVCatch-up services
4K Up-scaler
Samsung UE65HU8500 Connectivity
Voice Interaction & Control

If your looking for a fantastic 4K Ultra TV then we think you have found it!
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Curved 4K TV

“You can get lost in your content while viewing on a curved screen
it draws you in and you can lose yourself”

In 2015 there are many more curved screen 4K TVs, especially from Samsung. You may also note that many movie theatre’s have curved screens.

The advantage of a curved screen is a more immersive experience and sense of depth. In regards to curved TV the benefit is the larger the screen the better, so nice big 4k screens are best for curved tv. 

The Samsung screen design seems to wrap itself around your field of view.

You’ll change your habits when watching TV, with this curved Samsung UE65HU8500 3D 4K Ultra HD TV. This tv mixes the best and most advanced technologies (for display) with the gently curving screen.

You’ll feel that here you are in the centre of all the action. With the best viewing distance being 2.5 metres and as nearly opposite the screen as possible.

24p (Playback) being 24 frames per second, only worth it if you are a movie buff, its no good for normal television programs which are at 30 frames per second.

So a nice to have but not a must!

Up-scale everything
Well what is a 4K Up-scaler? All 4K TVs do look really good when viewing native 4K content. But? what about the current technologies I hear you say? 1080p and 720p HD content from cable, satellite, and Blu-ray discs?

Well these must be up-scaled to 4K as that way they will look good even great, on your 4K TV. The picture quality should even look better than viewing this same content on the regular HDTV.

This is now a very important feature on any new 4K TV.

Active 3D

Can you make a 4K curved display a lot better? The Samsung UE65HU8500 comes with 3D and it takes your viewing up to the next level by adding even more depth.

Samsung’s 3D viewing is with 3D glasses which are supplied in the box (2 pairs). This 3D is known as Active 3D where the glasses do all the work, as compared with Passive 3D where your eyes take most of the effort. 

Freeview & Freesat HD

Within the choice of two free channels you will always find something different to watch and if that’s not all Freeview HD and Freesat HD are subscription free, so there are no monthly charges or costs at all.

Connectivity on the Samsung UE65HU8500 comes courtesy of an external ‘One Connect’ box being a superb solution to cabling, as you can hide it away.

Thus all the spaghetti mix of cables of connected equipment hidden with it, then hooking it up by means of a single cable.

The two remote controls supplied are in stark contrast to one another. One is sleek, ergonomic and very smart by virtue of touch, gesture and voice control.

Whilst the other is short, stubby and downright ordinary by the standards of this cutting edge bundle.

Whichever you choose it will allow you to scroll the well laid out menus with ease but the SMART features are better served by the Smart Control.
No surprises there then!

The Samsung UE65HU8500 also boasts a built-in camera for Skype type video calls really fun.

With Samsung’s latest Voice Interaction, you can control your TV with more than just ‘one word’ commands. tell the TV to “find” a film by its title and the keyword “movie”.

To visit a website, simply say its web address. Use your voice to search weather, sports and the other markets opening your apps as you require them.

The Samsung UE65HU8500 is an utterly striking television set, not least because of the curved tv screen and if it doesn’t get folks talking I don’t know what will.

The sweeping gorgeousness of the 4KTV is complemented by the One Connect box which keeps cables hidden, This Samsung UE65HU8500 has all the ingredients needed from a 4KTV.

Great native contrast performance, extremely accurate colours and brilliant picture processing so there’s little to complain about.

Highly Recommended…..Excellent multi-media integration…..Superb pictures from all sources…..Superb contrast-rich picture quality

 This is a fantastic 4K Ultra Curved TV the very best, we think you have found what your looking for!
the Samsung UE65HU8500 3D Curved 4K UHD SMART TV 

Customer Opinions/Reviews:

Customers of Amazon 4K TV’s have made many comment/reviews to Amazon. These reviews are available to view via the product page on Amazon .

A sample of reviews of this TV:

  • Where to start? This is the most incredible TV…
  • We deliberated for over 12 months as to the curved vs. flatscreen conundrum.
  • My father in law had just purchased a 4K Panasonic TV which looked incredibly sharp, but there was just something special about that curve!
  • WOW.
    That’s what we said to each other for the first 4 weeks of having this tv up. Everyone who came to the house also said ‘WOW’.


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