Samsung KS9500 Series 9 SUHD 4K TV

Samsung KS9500 Series 9 Curved SUHD 4K TV

The Samsung KS9500 Series 9 SUHD is the 2016 Ultra HD television and is the top of the Series 9 range of TV’s from Samsung who are electronics giant from South Korea.

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A curved TV the KS9500 if the flagship TV for 2016 which also uses a stunning clean minimalist 360 degree design as with the KS9000 models enhances any living space. The KS9500 also includes all the more recent 2016 features found in the other KS models. Being the flagship TV the features are upgraded and therefore more special Pro versions. The KS9500 is also a full array direct LED backlit whereas the other Series 9 models are edge-lit.

Premium Certification with the UHD Alliance makes the KS9500 conform to all requirements including HDR1000 and peak brightness of over 1000 nits with a 10 bit VA panel and colour gamut that is 96% of the agreed DCI-P3 thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology.

Picture contrast and dimming is expertly managed with Samsung’s Precision Black Pro feature that expands darkness levels, and with the Peak Illuminator Pro feature, brightness is boosted creating a very good overall experience.

Samsung’s 10 bit panel also now uses an Ultra Black filter that uses new technology called Moth Eye Based on the ability of a moth to reduce reflections into the eye.

How do you support the KS9500?

The KS9500 has a curved bezel-less screen a 0.5 cm black border around the screen with a wholesome 10.5 cm of space beneath the TV when using the supplied stand, which is an angular chrome sturdy stand which is larger and more secure than the version used on the KS9000 model. The KS9500 is a heavier TV so the stand must support the additional weight and the width of the stand is 106 cm across so you’ll need a wide surface if you are to stand this TV.

You can wall mount if you prefer with a 400 x 400 VESA wall mounting.

How is the KS9500 connected to Power?

A One Connect box comes with this Series 9 TV, the KS9500 connections are mostly found via this One Connect box there still are a few separate connections which all have their place in recess behind at the rear which has a cover to keep things nice and tidy.

There is an additional USB port and an Ethernet port with an additional Common Interface slot all available in this recess area at the rear of the KS9500. Additionally there is built-in WiFi and Bluetooth of course. The One Connect box has x 4 HDMI inputs and x 2 USB ports, an optical digital output and twin satellite and terrestrial tuners as well, all connected by 3 meters of cable. The box itself measures 21 cm x 7 cm x 2cm.

Controlling Your KS9500?

A small universal remote control (Smart Controller) is supplied which is so nicely designed and includes all the buttons you could want. Along with this it even includes a built-in microphone for controlling things with your voice. The Smart Controller works along with the latest Samsung device detection feature which will recognise a new device when being connected to the One Connect box via HDMI. A second controller is provided which is a standard plastic remote control which does not have all the latest features of the Smart Controller.

Samsung’s operating system (O/S) for the Series 9 and therefore the KS9500 is smart Tizen O/S. The smart platform that Tizen offers on the KS9500 has all the best media apps available today. Tizen has been enhanced and streamlined since 2015 and is regarded as the second best O/S which is only second to WebOS which is LG’s rather famous very popular operating system.   Tizen runs so smoothly using the KS9500’s quad-core processor


In their wisdom Samsung has dropped 3D from their complete 2016 line-up but that probably will not be a major issue with most consumers.

Does KS9500 have a Smart Platform?

2016 is the year Samsung have redesigned their Smart TV platform, making it simpler around a single point Smart Hub experience which is intended make your experience so much easier, when you find and watch your favourite content.

This new KS9500 system uses a single access point, a launcher bar along the bottom of the screen display. This launcher bar provides access to menus, sources, channels, apps and even games. All you need to do is pick and select something from the launcher bar, then a series of choices will appear on another tier above the chosen item, making it easy to access your favourite content. Plus you can customize the launcher bar, making it even easier to access some of the features you use regularly.

There is still so much discussion about the curved television and I must say that first seeing the pictures of curved televisions is not the same as actually watching a live working television.

When you are sitting watching a curved TV you do not really notice the bend but it does show up when the TV is switched off so please give the curved televisions a try sit and watch one even if it is in a shop OK?

What are my alternatives?

We are sure you love the features on the KS9500 but maybe? You would rather have a flat screen, then you could look into the KS8000 but you will have to accept LED edge-lighting instead of the full array backlight. Apart from this difference the two TVs have almost identical features, although again the KS8000 does not include the ‘Pro’ version of Samsung’s Precision Black with local dimming and since it is a flat The KS9500 is the 2016 Ultra HD television and is the top of the Series 9 range of TV’s from Samsung who are electronics giant from South Korea.