Samsung KS7000 Series 7 SUHD

Samsung KS7000 7 Series Flat SUHD 4K TV

Which 4K television has an impressive 360-degree design with a top level subtle picture and at a very mid-range price?

yes it’s the Samsung KS7000 Series 7 SUHD


The Samsung KS7000 SUHD TV surpasses all previous standards now additionally comes with UHD Premium. This 4K TV really is the next generation of professionally mastered content.

You can see the incredible 360 design with such a sleek form, very clean lines and a the minimal bezel around the uninterrupted picture, it is such a striking television from all viewing angles.

Distinctively more action and picture quality as the Samsung KS7000 even has the stunning HDR 1000 (High Dynamic Range) new capability, for a more superior range of luminance, colour and real contrast.


 KS7000 a very Good Looking 2016 4K televisions.

 Quantum Dot Display supplying over 1 billion colours, being 64 times more colour and two times increased brightness than conventional UHD televisions.

 Samsung’s has a new “moth eye” display. The “moth eye” structure helps reduce reflections and gives you more more even results across the panel.

 The KS7000 has is a separate connection box the One Connect Box keeping all the cables in one out of sight place.

 Samsung have enhanced Smart so it’s insides are as extraordinary as its outsides.


 A top-level, subtle picture at a mid-range price.

 The One connect box makes for a neat package.

 All the Smart tech you could want.

 Excellent black levels & contrast with impressive colour accuracy


 No 3D

 The standing feet are not flexible as they are placed towards the edge of the panel and are fixed in that one position.

[You can put a stand in place of the feet but it will have to be nearly the width of your KS7000]

This is the Curved Screen Samsung KS7500 SUHD details 

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Display and Colour

You can at this time experience the Quantum Dot Display (previously best-known as Nano Crystal) across this range of Samsung Series 7 UHD 4k Televisions which is supplying over 1 billion colours, being 64 times more colour and two times increased brightness than conventional UHD Televisions.

Ultra Black enhances contrast and secures those deep blacks and colour richness in a brighter room setting. You will see more vibrant colours under different lighting conditions with this Ultra Black. Plus those reflections are reduced, so you will never miss a detail.

Functionality really does meet style

With the Samsung KS7000 SUHD advanced technology along with it’s ultra-slim bezel (called ‘boundless’ by Samsung) really delivers the screen to life, creating an even more spectacular picture than previous. Samsung also has provided a premium aluminium finish to the border.

What External Connections?

This is one of Samsung’s televisions where there is a separate connection box the One Connect. So you only really need to supply the power with the One Connect cable and perhaps Ethernet running to the screen display itself, the rest of the cables can be discreetly connected to this separate box and tucked quietly away out of sight. That’s a definite blessing for AV tinkerers who will often change peripherals, especially if you’re looking to mount this TV on the wall.

Remote Controls

The KS7000 comes with Samsung’s standard IR remote, as well as the minimalist Samsung Smart Remote. This alternative does connect wirelessly and does give a range of controls with very few buttons, the system is counting on screen prompts to guide you around. Although the regular remote does give you direct buttons for just about every function, we found ourselves utilising the Smart Remote more and more often. This is especially noticeable once setup is out of the way and you don’t need all those buttons anymore.

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Faster speeds, stronger performance
The powerful Quad Core Processor speeds up your Samsung Smart TV so it reacts to commands and running apps instantly.

Easily share your content to TV
Take pictures, videos and music from your mobile and PC to your Smart TV using the Samsung Smart View app. It gives you amazing convergence and easy connectivity, with majority of personal devices

Accelerate your Smart TV with Tizen
Tizen takes Smart TV performance to another level with faster boot times and quick access to Live TV and all your apps.

Simple and fast wireless connection
The built-in Wireless Lan lets you connect your Smart TV to the internet without the tangle of cables.

Plug your entertainment into the TV
Using ConnectShare, you can watch a variety of content in one simple step. Just plug your USB or HDD into the TV and enjoy your movies, music, and pictures on the big screen.

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