Panasonic DX902B 4K UHD TV

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TX58DX902Especially if you would like to really know the best features of this 4K TV, then here we can show you the very best 4K TV benefits of the Panasonic DX9 model specifically this 58 inch TX-58DX902B.

In fact there are so many great benefits highlighted within this review.

The TX-58DX902B is known as a flagship model for Panasonic, it is their favoured 4KTV. We are reviewing this 58 inch television and there is also a 65 inch model available, should you want something bigger.

WiFi Connection built-in!

The Panasonic TX-58DX902B has a built-in WiFi connection,which comes in the form of an integrated Wi-Fi, giving access to the smart features of this SMART 4KTV very quickly and easily.

Is there anything this Panasonic TX-58DX902B can’t do?

Integrated Freeview Play  tuner helps make it so easy for you to watch your favourite channels. You can always find something to watch within the range of these this free channel.

Remembering that Freeview is subscription free, so there is no monthly cost, something we all need in this tax driven modern world.

Freetime is here and is built into the Panasonic TX-58DX902B 4KTV, so you do not have to miss a program that you previously liked so much.

You can even rollback programs for periods over the last 7 days, what they now call ‘Catch Up’.

With these you can catch up on all your favourite services like BBC iplayer, Channel 4 on Demand and ITV Player.

You can also receive TV recommendations daily delivered to you on your best 4K TV based on your previous viewing history.

So Yipee! always something there to watch!

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Ultra HD 4KTV resolution, remember within this UHD TV you get up to four times (x 4) more pixels than those of an ordinary HD TV, this Panasonic TX-58DX902B 4k Ultra HD delivers unrivalled clarity and detail, that provides a really impressive viewing experience.

The Panasonic TX-58DX902B supports HDR (high dynamic range), which gives even greater levels of brightness, contrast and dynamism.

While Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution is the normal on this great Panasonic TX-58DX902B.

Like the other models in the DX9 range the TX-58DX902B has Ultra HD Official Certification .

Full Array Local Dimming an Ultra HD, 

with deep strong Blacks with High Contrast not previously available on LCD TV’s was the aim of the Panasonic Engineers.

So by placing a high performance LED backlight equipped with a large number of local-dimming zones directly behind the LCD panel, the screen could bring out even more delicate detailing and slight differences which might otherwise have been lost.

The LCD panel backlighting has 512 unique zones each being controlled individually to form the local dimming. Overall the Studio Master Drive HCX+ delivers brilliant and detailed with very accurate colour reproduction even in those dark scenes.

The overall image quality is great and even Blu-Ray does look really sharp.

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Very Fast Refresh Rate

The Panasonic TX58DX902B does offer incredible picture quality all thanks to the latest screen technologies and a 3,000 hz refresh rate.

Backlight scanning does ensure incredibly smooth movement, while the Panasonic TX-58DX902B the best 4KTV also does have that super fast refresh rate.

The average refresh rate of an LED screen that was released in the same period of time as the Panasonic TX-58DX902B is 460Hz so 3,000 Hz is a really fast improvement.

The Panasonic TX-58DX902B also comes with 3D, known as active 3D.

Panasonic TX-58DX902B 4KTV Intelligent Up-scaling

The Quad Core Pro processor makes sure your 4KTV delivers highly detailed 4K images with smooth motion and colour.

This processor provides the beating heart of the 4KTV’s Up-scaler, which analyses the resolution of the source material and then applies texture analysis.

The intention is to identify and process real image detail without messing up (enhancing noise – unintentionally), so the normal HD resolution will be up-scaled to Ultra HD clarity.

Screen appearance

The nice elegant frame uses a 1 cm wide black bezel to surround the screen and silver trim around the outer edge with a textured finish.

The overall build quality is really excellent and you’ll see the entire panel sits there on a wide stand which has two feet on the front and a pedestal there at the rear. 

VR Audio Master Surround

Although still not really a match for a separate home cinema system, but the sound quality on the TX58DX902 is really excellent especially by modern TV standards.

With a 40 watt great sound system, which uses four separate speakers to provide a fuller and richer sound.

Yes ‘SMARTer’ TV 

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Called the ‘My Steam’ feature comes with the TX-DX902B. You will be able to thoroughly enjoy content that has been recommended, based on your previous watching habits.

This 4KTV does this by keeping an electronic eye on your selections, the types of TV programs you watch and have watched.

This best 4K TV has learnt what you do really like to watch. Then suggestions of which content that’s tailored to you, is delivered to you.

It’s amazing is’nt it?

That’s personal service! For YOU

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