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Before we get into the LG UH770V UHD 4K TV review, you may be here and not looking to read a full review you may just want to buy the 55 inch model 4KTV.

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If you are still here and not decided on this model then lets look a bit closer at the Best 4K TV’s, one cannot ignore the LG Electronics Super UHD 4K TV market which is growing every week.

Among these 4K TV’s is the most popular LG 55UH770V UHD, which as the name suggests is a 55 inch 4K TV which is rated 5* and is produced by LG Electronics.

This LG 4K TV comes in many models each being a different screen size.

These encompass all popular sizes from 40″through to 65″ or even a larger 79″. The 49″ and the 55″ being currently the most popular screen sizes currently in the United Kingdom.

Here are the LG 55UH770V UHD 4K TV features:

Ultra HD 4K resolution
WebOS 3.0 for LG Smart TV
Ultra Slim
4K Up-scaler
Ultra Luminance
Dolby Vision

You will enhance your viewing experience when you bring home the LG 55UH770V UHD 4K TV.

Which offers Ultra HD resolution, which is four times the resolution of a conventional 1920 x 1080 for Full HD which gives you your unbroken clarity.

This TV lets you enjoy all your favourite shows, apps and web content in stunning picture quality. 

On the LG’s really generous 55 inch screen, this achievement in resolution is especially noticeable and, even when closer than normal to the screen, the realistic detail is awesome.

Yes the LG 55UH770V also includes LG’s own Magic Remote Control. This intuitive remote control lets you point, scroll around, gesture or even your use your voice to give commands to find and view programmes on your TV.

The LG 55UH770V boasts 8.3 million pixels, which means you’ll soon be enjoy entertainment packed with incredible detail.

Enjoy movies, TV shows and more in 4k quality with the new 4K Up-scaler technology.

This technology is a six-step processing which boosts the resolution of lower definition content and converts lower resolution entertainment, so you can enjoy entertainment with even more clearer detail.

LG 55UH770V boasts three HDMI 2.0 ports, which allow you to connect your UHD 4K devices, including Blu-ray devices (players and set top boxes).

If your looking for a really great 4K Ultra TV then we think you have found it with the LG 55UH770V!
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Customer Opinion:

6 of 6 people found following reviews helpful
5 STARS [usr 5 size-16] Excellent 4k UHD TV!

Throughout the markets this 4K TV is highly praised and when it has been in the market for longer I am sure we will get great customer reviews.

Who is this LG UH77 Super HD TV for?

For a high-tech TV that doesn’t need a degree to operate, the

  LG 55UH770V is the simple solution.

The LG smart remote app makes the most of your smartphone to control the TV. Alternatively, Voice Interaction really allows you to enter search terms and also access a host of other commands just using the power of your speech. Simply talk into the remote control and let your TV do all the searching for you!

With LG’s Web OS 3.0 system on board (LG leads the way in webOS) the latest operating system version 3.0 for 2016 smart televisions, which enables you to find anything. So it’s very easy to use this set with finding your favourite programs easily using Smart services such as Netflix 4K is very straightforward. There’s a built in Freeview HD tuner so you can enjoy up-scaled 4KTV and get an even better picture than you did before.

ULTRA Surround will complete your viewing experience. This multi-channel sound effect will embrace you with the most realistic audio yet from seven virtual channels.

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Customer Reviews: (previous model) 

Customers of Amazon 4K TV’s have made many comment/reviews to Amazon. These reviews are available to view via the product page on Amazon .

A sample of reviews of this TV:

  • Quite a heavy parcel but once everything was out of the box it was manageable.found the feet a bit awkward to fit but did it ok
  • Excellent – would be near perfect with Flash in browser
  • Fantastic picture, great sound and so easy to use with magic remote
  • Stunning T.V. well worth the Money, if you want a huge Mid-Range Pane