The 4KTV is called EG9600 in the US and EG960V in Europe.

This is our 2016 review of the LG 65EG960V OLED TV  and we have ranked this very highly for 2016. The 4K television is one of the new OLED TV’s which are and have been talked about for the last 12 months. Yes it has been talked about with excitement as the LG 65EG960V is still is something to get excited about. OLED TV was the technology of the future but its here and now and its the current technology of 2016.

LG Electronics 4K line of OLED TV’s won Best of CES 2015 awards for the best picture in the market. The long awaited Flat screen OLED TV is now available and you can read our review of that 4kTV at LG 65EG950V.



65″ OLED TV (55″ available)
Curved reflection proof filtered screen
4k Ultra HD 3840x2160p
WebOS 2.0 Smart system interface
Freeview HD digital & Freesat HD satellite tuners, Wi-Fi
Connectivity with HDMI 2.0 x 2
Floating TV design
Picture Quality
Kardon speakers
3D ready

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Design and Appearance

The super design of the EG960V is often called “floating” thanks to the clear plexi stand mount. It’s very attractive and the panel itself is beautiful with a minimal frame and extra thin panel depth except for the bottom cavity which houses boards and speakers.
As you are probably aware the EG960V is a curved television and curved is definitely the current fashion with the EG960V’s curved screen enclosed within an aluminium edging and with the silver coloured theme, there is even a cut-out stand to match that curve. The stem of the stand being hidden from view giving an impression of the screen floating only a few inches from stand level. Definitely of space age look and you can’t deny it is very good looking.

Black Colour Levels 

When you view an EG960V next to any 4K LED TV, the first thing you will notice is the immense and infinite black levels of the OLED TV. Yes, 4K LED TVs can still push out bright pictures due to the amped up LED backlights, but it’s of no comparison in depth of blacks. As you view those brighter LED backlights in the shop and they can look great, but get it home in an ordinary lamp-lit room and you start to see all the flaws.
Essentially making my point simple, black levels do win out over brightness in picture quality performance importance. OLED TV wins out very easily against 4K LED.

The EG960V has incredible deep pitch blacks and really the best looking colours you have seen in terms of brilliance, depth, saturation, and contrast. There is just something, “out of this world” about the colors on an OLED TV.


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Side Angle Viewing

Another subject we always highlight is off center viewing contrast. The backlight is the problem with LED TV’s, but with OLED and the EG960V it’s perfect for off center viewing as it is just like an old plasma TV. Each pixel is lit so there is no backlight. So side angle viewing is perfect not matter your angle with the LG 65EG960V OLED TV.

Conversion to 4K Clarity and Definition

Due to a lack of proper original 4K content, the process of up-scaling 1080p, and 720p and lower resolutions,  has become so important. LG Electronics has put some real effort into up-scaling with the new “Tru 4K Up-scaler”. So this up-scaler is a real useful benefit from going with the LG EG960V.

WebOS 2.0

WebOS 2.0 makes it very easy to choose your apps without leaving what you are currently watching. The Smart TV options are Netflix, YouTube, Amazon,  HSN, Showtime, Drama Fever, iHeart Radio, and newly DirecTV, also GoPro. The GoPro Channel App is only available to LG WebOS and allows LG TV owners to stream GoPro videos on-demand. The channel anticipates adding 4K content soon.

WebOS 2.0 Smart TV Features

LG Electronics has put a lot of effort into speeding the Smart TV function first with WebOS and now with improved WebOS 2.0. Starting up (boot up) is many times faster.. The interface layout is much simpler and more intuitive than others.

Magic Remote

We are still big fans of the LG Magic Remote for speed and ease. The point and click operation is excellent and efficient.

Sound Quality

LG puts a lot of focus on sound quality and has realized that not everyone is going to go out and get a sound bar or surround sound system. With the LG 65EG960V OLED TV they have passed the responsibility to Harman Kardon.

Passive 3D

Excellent 3D quality using 4K resolution and the OLED panel sets a new standard for quality and performance.

Customer Reviews

Customers of Amazon 4K TV’s have made many comment/reviews to Amazon. These reviews are available to view via the product page on Amazon .

A sample of reviews of this TV:

  • Every inch as good as reviews I have read. Picture quality is outstanding on normal HD so eagerly awaiting to see how picture quality
  • There appears to be no advantage in the curved screen whatsoever. In fact some reflections are worse as they are stretched (think concave mirror) across the entire screen, also you don’t notice the curve when looking at the tv