LG 65EF950V OLED with 3D UHD 4K

Welcome, we will be giving you an overview of one of the best 4K TV’s the LG 65EF950V OLED which is available for sale online in the United Kingdom (UK) and some of the features and we shall also be sharing with you where you can find the best price.

What Is In It For You?

The LG 65EF950V OLED a Smart 3D Ultra HD 4k 65″ OLED TV is the best buy in its range although at the moment it could burn a hole in your pocket. In addition, you get the very best discount and a super deal and also the very best picture on this 4K TV.

Our Top Pick?

The LG 65EF950V 3D Ultra HD 4k 65″ OLED TV is our ultimate top pick because the picture is awesome, lot’s of features and it’s a wonderful long awaited television. If you are in a hurry and just want to go check out one of the best 4K TV’s that money can buy, now take a good look at the LG 65EF950V 3D Ultra HD 4k 65″ OLED TV.

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes)

OLED is all about self-lighting pixels that deliver the purest and most natural of blacks, the LG OLED EF950V Series brings you such an exceptional picture quality that your whole family will be suitably impressed with it.

OLED and it’s self-emissive pixel design, which is where every dot in the picture produces its own light level and colour all independently of other pixels around it. The OLED pixel has proved consistently capable of producing levels of contrast way beyond what is possible with LCD TV’s and slightly beyond even the best efforts of its closest technological cousin the Panasonic’s much-loved and sorely missed plasma screens.

LG 65EF950V OLED a Smart 3D Ultra HD 4k 65″ TV

The 4K tv world says 65EF950V’s pictures look pretty much perfect and that says it all, it’s now about Flat OLED.

Along the way during last 5 years OLED had arrived on the 4ktv scene, but as always there was a an inherent problem and this problem has always been the CURVED screen. A large percentage of the population do not like or want a curved television screen.
But at last that has now changed Yes the FLAT OLED screen has arrived in the series OLED EF950V (EF9500) in 55 and 65 inches, all thanks to LG Electronics. It is 100% flat, in fact the LG 65EF950V is very keen in emphazing it’s flatness with its almost miraculously thin backend(rear), and the way the bezel around the screen has been shrunk to practically nothing. This really is a glorious-looking TV, and maybe I would say even more so than, I’d argue, LG Electronics previous curved OLED models.

Product features

Flat screen
4k Ultra HD (4 times the resolution of HD)
WebOS and Smart system
Freeview HD
Connectivity with HDMI 2.0 x 2
Floating design
Picture Quality

Appearance & Design

You will experience a whole new style of 4k television thanks to the very intuitive art screen design, which has created a floating screen effect.

The design of the EF950V (EF9500) is called “floating flat” for the flat rather than curved screen and the clear plexi stand mount. It’s very attractive and the panel itself is beautiful with a minimal frame and extra thin depth except for the bottom cavity which houses boards and speakers. The flat screen is sleeker against the wall, plus there is no distortion from the curve.


You only have to look at one of LG Electronics sumptuously glamorous curved OLED TV’s, like the 55EG960V to understand the attraction in design terms of curving an OLED screen. Thankfully LG Electronics appears to have been paying attention to the public. So for today we are taking a look into a new OLED TV that’s about as un-curved as it’s possible to get.

The OLED TV in question is the 65-inch LG 65EF950V which really and truly couldn’t be flatter. It’s large expanse of screen rests on less than 5 mm of panel depth for around two-thirds of its rear area, creating a stunning, futuristic look that I’d say is actually more rather than less attractive than LG Electronics curved alternatives.

The OLED screen has had 33 million colour pixels packaged into it, which are able to deliver the super ultimate display in this very new style of television.

BUT the OLED screen does really pull at your purse strings. After all, unlike any other current TV screen technology, OLED is capable of delivering single individual light with colour from every pixel in a screen, so, this has to be paid for.

Seeing OLED in action for the first time with a native 4K source a person was overheard saying “that it looks like 3D”, even when it’s only 2D.

The reason LG Electronics hasn’t been able to make the whole of the 65EF950V’s rear under five millimetres deep, is simply that it has to fit the connections, processing systems, tuners and speakers in there somewhere. After all, this is very much a fully formed TV rather than just a ‘dumb screen’.

Side Angle Viewing

Another area we are always highlighting is off center viewing contrast. With OLED and the EF950V it’s perfect just like it was with good plasma TVs. Because every pixel is lit organically (and with an electrode) so there is no backlight although the backlight is the problem with LED TV’s. Anyway, let’s just say that side angle viewing is perfect not matter your angle and leave it at that.


The connections include everything you might reasonably expect of a current high-end 4KTV. A protruding section that occupies around a third of the TV’s rear, houses its connections, which are pleasingly impressive.

“The EF950V has the best looking colors you have ever seen…”
These are our favourite quality category TVs for the year. OLED TV is the technology of the future but with the EF950V it is here and available now, even in 4K UHD resolution. Only Sony and Samsung’s very best, top of the line 4K full local dimming models can come close to matching OLED TV’s. LG Electronics new 4K line of OLED TV’s won our Best of CES 2015 awards for best picture in the market.

Picture Quality

When you view an EF950V next to a 4K LED TV, the first thing you notice is the immense and indefinite black levels of the OLED TV. Yes, 4K LED TV’s can still pump out a brighter picture due to amped up LED backlights, but it’s no comparison in depth of blacks. Now for review, you videophiles know that brighter LED backlights in the store can look great, but get it home in a lamp-lit room and you start to see all the flaws. You also remember that deeper black levels create colours that pop more and more contrast on the screen. Essentially to make my point simple, black levels win out over brightness in picture quality performance importance. OLED TV wins out easily against 4K LED in this very important category.

Just know that the LG competitors are doing everything possible to try to compete with OLED in performance, which means OLED is better right? Yes, that’s right. The EF950V has incredible deep pitch blacks and the best looking colours you have ever seen in terms of brilliance, depth, saturation, and contrast.


The four HDMI, three USB ports and integrated Wi-Fi cover all the video and multimedia bases we might reasonably expect, especially as the HDMI’s are built according to the latest standard.
That means they can receive new-fangled High Dynamic Range (HDR) video signals as well as native 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) content with frame rates up to 60 frames per second.


If you’re not acquainted with it, allows you to enjoy greatly expanded luminance and, usually, colour ranges from specially created content. So long as your TV is capable of unlocking that content’s extra information.

The market is expecting during 2016 the long awaited Ultra HD Blu-rays.

Yes, the 65EF950V doesn’t provide HDR with nearly as much brightness as you can get with LCD with sets like Samsung’s JS9500 and JS9000 TV’s. But we must realise that 65EF950V can clearly deliver a richer colour response and enhanced luminance range without losing any of the lovely black levels, which shines a harsh spotlight on the sort of clouding and greyness issues that can affect LCD screens when they are driven hard by HDR content.

Up-Scaler Conversion

4K UHD resolution does not do you any good if you cannot enjoy the higher resolution. Therefore, up-scaling 1080p, and 720p and lower resolutions becomes a most important point in purchasing a 4K UHD TV due to the deficiency of original 4K content. However, LG Electronics has put some effort into up scaling with the new “Tru-4K Upscaler” which uses an new algorithm to smooth the transition from lower resolutions to the native 4K(p) resolution of the panel. With 1080p the up scaling was noticeably best and overall, we do see more definition and clarity with the EF950V than with a 1080p LED TV or with LG Electronics 1080p OLED TV.


A Smart choice

WebOS revolutionises the way you watch TV, thanks to LG Electronics award winning Smart TV WebOS platform. Whatever you wish to watch, start off or find, you can do it easily with this more advanced technology.

Suffice it to say that WebOS is brilliantly responsive, reasonably priced, effortlessly customizable and thoughtfully constructed with on-screen interface doing a terrific job of both highlighting things you might be interested in and streamlining access to your favourite content sources. Plus LG Electronics has equipped the 65EF950V with a pretty comprehensive suite of calibration tools. The customizability of LG Electronics WebOS operating system is a system many have tried to copy, but none have yet been able to better. LG Electronics has put some real effort into speeding Smart TV function with the first WebOS and now we have the result WebOS 2.0. Boot up times are faster. The interface layout is easier and more intuitive making sorting your favourite programs very easy with a point and click operation using the new LG Magic Remote.
New WebOS 2.0 makes it very easy to choose your applications without leaving what you are currently watching.

Magic Remote

Don’t forget the LG 65EF950V Magic Remote which is great for speed and ease. The point and click process is excellent and efficient.

SMART features

Where smart features are concerned, the set provides three USB ports for multimedia playback while recording can be done from the built-in Freeview HD tuner, also the system carries built-in Wi-Fi supporting both multimedia streaming and access to LG Electronics online services.

These services are pretty rich in content, with the appearance of Now TV and 4K Ultra HD versions of Amazon and Netflix being very welcome.
With so many content options to choose from these days, using your TV can be a complicated business. Fortunately LG Electronics tries harder than to simplify matters with its WebOS interface.

Sound speakers

Enjoy quality sound that encaptures a room with thanks to the 65EF950V’s crisp multi-channel speaker system, giving you that cinema like experience.

LG has focused on sound quality having realized that not everyone is going to go out and get a sound bar or surround sound system. With the EF950V they’ve passed that responsibility to Harman Kardon. LG has managed to fit some speakers into the 65EF950V despite the incredible but good looking slimness of its rear. In fact, it’s worked with the engineers at acclaimed audio brand Harman Kardon having come up with a speaker system that really does deliver a credible audio performance despite the lack of physical space it’s got to work with.

3D Playback

One last feature to report before finding out if the 65EF950V does delivers on its flat OLED promise, is its support for 3D playback. As ever with LG Electronics current TV’s it has used the passive system, and ships with free glasses. Passive 3D technology lets you bring the magic of the cinema to your sofa. You can also enjoy fantastic 3D entertainment when you connect your 3D Blu-ray player.

Its blistering 2D performance is joined by a beautifully crisp and punchy 3D image and some surprisingly robust sound considering how little bodywork the speakers have to work with.


By the time you’ve added to all of the 65EF950V’s performance attractions a ground-breakingly cheap (for a big-screen OLED) price of less than £4,000, you’ve got not only the best TV LG Electronics has ever made, but a prime contender for the title of best TV ever made, period full stop.

For the OLED

Extraordinary contrast
Gorgeous colours
WebOS excellent SMART system is brilliant
Sensational futuristic design
Astonishing picture quality

Against OLED

Shadowing down the sides
Limited brightness
Contrast can sometimes nosedive
More expensive than LCD
Dimming effect at edges


Flat screen
Absolute blacks
Superb dynamic range
Impressive contrast ratio
Supports High Dynamic Range
Excellent grey-scale and colour accuracy
Very wide viewing angles
Attractive design
Impressive build quality


Vignetting at edges of screen
Some minor banding just above black
Slight judder to some motion
Some cross-talk in 3D
Colour space could be wider
Image can look slightly darker at the edge than in the centre