LG UH770V SUHD 4KTV (2016 Model)

LG UH770V SUHD 4K Smart TV (2016 Model)

The display screen of the LG UH770V SUHD 4K TV is integrated into an ultra-slim metal frame, so the LG SUPER UHD (SUHD) TV’s screen floats on an attractive looking stand that resembles a crescent moon.
LG 55UHuh770V

Turn on the 4k tv and the LG SUHD TV can inspire with such life-like colour. Even when it is switched off, its design is amazing really making the statement that the LG SUHD TV is a fine piece of art.


Display Device is LED
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Backlight Units (BLU) Type (only for LED series) is Edge
UHD Category Super UHD (SUHD)
Panel IPS 4K Quantum Display

This UH770V’s UHD 4K resolution is actually 4 times that of Full HD, producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that will astonish, even when looked at close. This high quality UH770V sustains this 4K resolution which in turn makes it possible for standard definition to upscale to near 4k like quality, which is directed around via the award winning Smart TV webOS.

Ultra Luminance for intense images of realism will create brighter whites and darker blacks for perfect contrasting.

HDR Super offers versatile access to High Dynamic Range content by supporting HDR release HDR10 and Dolby Vision, this is the up-to-date HDR standard from a world pioneer in picture mastering and production.

Product Description

Advanced picture technology provided through an IPS 4K Quantum Display (an advanced 10 bit panel) expands the colour spectrum that you can see, releasing over 1 billion tones and tints of colour onto your screen. All allowing you to see even more of the colours you love so much.

Wrapped in a stylish Bright Metal design this television features sound designed by harman/kardon. There are even a pair of 10 watt speakers hung in the bottom of this chassis.

A great beginning for those contemplating a new definition of UHD 4K TV.

Key Features

IPS 4K Quantum Display

Ultra radiant viewing from LG’s best ever LED picture. Introducing new Quantum Display & ColourPrime Plus technology which generate a higher range of colour, so what you are watching is much brighter, better and simply super. This is the most radiant and vivid LED picture available from LG today.

Billion Rich Colours

See more of the colours you appreciate. An advanced 10 bit panel extends the colour spectrum that you can see, unlocking over 1 billion hues and shades on your screen. You get more reds in your roses, more blues in your sky, your entertainment will be enriched to a new level of energy that was prior to this, all but impossible.
(displays 64 times more colours than a traditional LCD TV)

ULTRA Luminance

Expand your contrast range with ULTRA Luminance. Enjoy even brighter whites and those darker blacks thanks to local dimming technology. This lifts the brightest scenes to stunning new levels and the darkest shadows to life.

HDR Super (with Dolby Vision™Smart TV)

When something is shown in HDR there is a dynamic range on display, this is nearer to the huge range of colours and shades, that your eye can process. HDR Super offers flexible access to HDR content by supporting HDR10 & Dolby Vision, the most recent HDR standard from a leader in picture refining & production. This will show you the future standard of picture quality.

(with webOSColourPrime Plus)

ColourPrime Plus features an extensive range of colours to express vivid images. The LG SUPER UHD TV delivers more enjoyment with an increased variety of realistic colours.

Smart TV with webOS

The webOS interface is one of the best smart TV operating systems going. This motion controlled remote is very intuitive and is one single component of making webOS so workable.
The award winning LG Smart TV with Freeview Play puts you well in control of the entertainment on offer. Enjoy your favourites and catch up TV services all subscription free. The Smarter way of viewing live TV and on demand services, with no additional devices required.
Its WebOS operating system, moreover, ensures that the HU970V is still easy. Jaw-dropping design webOS works superbly


From the pixels to the stand LG SUPER UHD TV is the summit of 4K television. An IPS 4K Quantum Display integration of a 10-bit panel generates a billion rich colours, producing bright, vibrant images that make everything else fade into the grey. Evolutionary image building is complemented by exceptional audio with sound engineered by Harman/Kardon™ delivered through a multi-channel speaker system. This blockbuster audio-visual package boasts an ULTRA Slim design, dressed up in a sleek metallic finish, supports HDR Super, 4K Resolution and the award winning Smart TV WebOS.

Micro dimming technology elevates the contrast by dimming separate sections of the TV screen

The connections are decently numerous, including the envisioned highlights of three HDMI inputs including support for 4K UHD feeds (at up to 60 frames a second). There are a trio of USB’s for recording from the built-in tuners or playing back multimedia from USB devices. With both integrated Wi-Fi and LAN network options.

Magic Remote

Point, click, navigate and use voice instructions with LG’s innovative Magic Remote. This way, navigating the feature-rich webOS is as simple as possible. Using the Magic Zoom button, you can even improve on the picture to get even finer details.

Samsung KS8000 SUHD


Samsung KS8000 SUHD
Samsung KS8000 SUHD


The 2016 Samsung KS8000 SUHD 4K television is highly rated (A+) and is a very good looking 4KTV. 

Having all of the elegance of the 2015 JS8 series/models, along with some additional goodies.



Features of the KS8000

UHD Picture Quality with Quantum Dot Colour
Flat Panel 360 Design with Ultra-slim Bezel
New 2016 Smart TV with HDR 1000
UHD Dimming & Ultra Black
Refresh Rate: 240CMR (Effective)
Backlight: LED
Built in Wi-Fi: Yes
Inputs: 4 x HDMI, 3 x USB

Product Description

You can now experience the Quantum Dot Colour (previously known as Nano Crystal) delivering over 1 billion colours, which is 64 times more colour and 2 times greater brightness than conventional UHD Televisions.

The incredible bezel-less Samsung KS8000 SUHD TV with Quantum dot Colour display which surpasses previous standards now with UHD Premium. This is the next generation of professionally mastered content.

You can see the incredible 360 design with such sleek form, clean lines and a bezel-less uninterrupted picture, it is striking from all angles.

Functionality has meet style with the Samsung KS8000 SUHD TV’s virtually edgeless picture. The advanced technology along with ultra-slim bezel really brings the screen to life, creating a more spectacular picture than before.Your are now seeing more action and picture quality with less bezel.


Samsung KS8000 has stunning HDR 1000 (High Dynamic Range) capability, for a more superior range of luminance, colour and real contrast. Dramatically brightening every image and enhancing contrast so even the most intricate details come out of hiding.

Supreme Motion technology gives super fast motion and the ultimate in deep black and shadow detail, provided by Supreme UHD Dimming.

The Samsung KS8000 SUHD has 2 tuners and good record capability which enables you to pause and even rewind live TV. If you want you can record one channel and watch another all at the same time.

Ultra Black enhances contrast and secures those deep blacks and colour richness in a brighter room setting. See more vibrant colours under different lighting conditions with Ultra Black. Plus, it reduces those reflections, so you will never miss a detail.

Peak Illuminator Pro

Peak Illuminator Pro makes shades of every colour really pop. Plus, its Motion Rate 240 puts you there on the pulse of every action sequence. Whilst its flat, virtually bezel-less 360 design shows off elegance from every angle. If that’s not enough, Samsung have enhanced its Smart Capabilities with the latest innovations and auto-sensing universal control, so it’s insides are as extraordinary as its outsides.




Best 4KTV Choices 2016

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Hisense 50 inch Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

Ultra HD 4K: Packing four times the number of pixels into the same screen sizes as traditional 1080p

Smart TV: Instantly stream from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube. Amazon Prime Instant Video coming very soon

Freeview HD: Get the UK’s favourite TV channels in high definition
HDMI 2.0
USB 3.0
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Hisense 40 inch Widescreen 4K Smart LED TV with Freeview HD – Black

  • Ultra HD 4K: Packing four times the number of pixels into the same screen sizes as traditional 1080p
  • Smart TV: Instantly stream from BBC iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube
  • Freeview HD: Get the preferable TV channels in high definition
  • HDMI 2.0
  • USB 3.0

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Panasonic TX-40DX700B 40-Inch 1400 Hz 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model) (HDR, Firefox OS, Local Dimming, Freeview Play)

4K Ultra HD – Delivers Four Times the Picture Resolution of a Normal HD TV
my Home Screen 2.0 – Customizable Home Screen for Easier Content Access
Wide Colour Spectrum – Delivers Colours Accurately and Faithfully within a Wide Colour Gamut
Freetime with Roll Back TV including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand 5

Take a look at this Panasonic 40″ 4kTV now at Amazon

LG 55UH661V 55 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV WebOS (2016 Model) – Silver

  • This high quality television supports 4K resolution which enables standard definition to upscale to near 4k like quality and is navigated via the award winning Smart TV webOS.
  • ULTRA HD 4K resolution is four times that of Full HD producing brilliant clarity and vivid details that amaze, even when viewed up close.
  • Combining colour packages and light filtering technology ColourPrime Pro delivers a wider range of colour spectrum. What you are watching is more vibrant and vivid with colours and shades that you never knew existed.
  • When something is shown in HDR there is a dynamic range on display that is closer to the huge range of colours and shades that your eye can process. HDR gives your eye more to see, sun glistens off water, stars shine brighter in the sky, the lights of the city glow stronger at night.
  • Stream 4K UHD programmes from your favourite providers thanks to advanced HEVC decoding technology. 4K UHD content available exclusively through Smart TV WebOS from selected providers only. Minimum standard of internet connection and subscription may be required.

This LG UH661V 4kTV is available here at Amazon

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Samsung 4K Curved TV

Samsung 4K Curved TV the UE65HU8500 3D Curved 4K UHD TV

Samsung 4K is betting large on 4k Ultra HD and curved TV this current year, and no product embodies this more than firm’s flagship UHD (ultra high-definition) television for 2014, namely the HU8500 series. It is available to buy in the United Kingdom in three screen size.


The 65 inch HU8500 specs a native screen resolution of 3840×2160 (4 times the pixel count of HDTV 1080p) a curved design and the most modern next-generation specifications including inbuilt HEVC decoding, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 copy protection standard, and MHL 3.0 Design

Regardless of what you think about curved tv screens, the moderate concavity of the UE65HU8500 display will undoubtedly stand out among the swathe of flat-panel television on shop floors. Inspected from the chassis, the slides, is thicker that what we have seen from most Samsung edge-lit LCD LED TVs, but that is not necessarily a worst thing if it contributes to perfect backlight uniformity in the attendance of both a Samsung 4K resolution and Samsung 4k curved tv screen.

If you would like to read the Full review Click Here Samsung UE-65HU8500 Full Review


The Samsung UE-65HU8500 3D Curved 4K UHD TV is prepared with a pseudo-domestic dimming system which can extract higher dynamic contrast from Television edge LED backlight, the off/on state and intensity of which is controlled through the Smart LED option. The default setting in Movie mode was “Standard”.

SD & HD Video processing

Film-and video based deinterlacing was best-notch, in both HD and SD. With (Movie Mode) engaged, the Samsung 4K HU8500 presently detected and processed 3:2 cadence over 480i and 1080i. The top “Auto1” setting was needed to pass 2:2 over 1080i.


Featuring built in HEVC decoding and an advanced Netflix client, the Samsung 4K UE65HU8500 is the initial Curved TV we have reviewed that permit us to watch Netflix 4k streaming. With UHD native content still thin on the ground, Netflix delivery of House of Cards Season two in Ultra HD scores a watershed moment, making 4k.

Bright screen looks very detailed, providing an immersive yet natural sense of quickness. Faraway objects in lengthy shots were rendered with pinpoint resolution, injecting more depth to the picture than what could be attributed to the displays curvature. With the Netflix application, the HU8500 TV preserved our calibrated setting in film movie.


The active ASG shutter glasses 3D system on the TV successfully resolve complete HD 3D (and possibly even top resolution, but we did not have necessary patterns to confirm, since our own custom 3d-res test pattern maxed out at 1080p), providing bags of depth and detail. We witnessed some crosstalk, but the ghost pictures were of dark variety, so we were simple to tune out.

Console/PC Gaming

If you are a competitive twitch gamer who demand most stunning screen for playing FPS (First-person shooters) or arcade games,
the Samsung UE65HU8500 3D Curved 4K UHD TV  and its curved tv is not for you – it shows that the intensive onboard video working has taken its toll on input lag.

What Is 4K TV

What is 4K TV Features

Screen Types
What Is 4K TV, there are a lot of different screen types out there, all working in different ways to produce the same results. The strengths and weaknesses of each technology are to be considered before buying a 4KTV, these are some of the answers to What Is 4K TV.

There are a few main screen types available, all working to produce your required results. The types change as technology progresses, a good example is that all LCD TV’s (liquid crystal display) were backlit by CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) but this technology has moved on and now the LED method is the more common screen type.

LCD TV’s are still widely available as obviously the new technology is more expensive.


A quick summary of this change is that the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamps) have been the backlight of all 4KTV’s since whenever but now superseded by LED’s.

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which in the most recent 4K TV’s, are positioned directly behind the screen in an array.

These LED’s improved contrast and power efficiency but are more expensive, so then along came the Edge-lit LED technology in which the difference is that the LED’s are mounted on the edge of the panel, hence called Edge-lit LED.

This Edge LED allows for a superior contrast and a much slimmer screen but the overall picture quality is not as good as the standard LED type. Again this new Edge LED is cheaper so there are a lot of Edge LED TV’s out there in the market.

But again things have progressed and the OLED TV (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) with backlighting has come along and again better but as expensive, so it’s not yet been taken up by all the manufacturers except LG Electronics who have taken up this TV type.

All these technologies have progressed the What Is 4K TV to where it is today.

4K Ultra HD Televisions and 3D 
The wide reaching popularity of 3D movies at a theater, films like Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and many others have created somewhat of a demand for 3D capability for the home television.

oledvs4kThe newest 4K Ultra HD 3D televisions are capable of displaying high quality 3D content, with pictures easily rivaling those of a theater.

As you may be aware 4K Ultra HD televisions have four times the resolution of Full HD televisions, this resolution gives you a 3D picture of a new quality level, which was not possible with a regular 3D HDTV.

During 2014 and 2015 the overall 3D content has increased as this 3D content is now available from so many different sources like Comcast, DirectTV, Blu-ray 3D discs, PS3, ESPN, and PS4 3D games.

3D Ready

What is a 3D Ready TV? The 3D television is the same as a normal HD television set except that it has a built in IR (Infrared) or Bluetooth transmitter to transmit the signals to special 3D glasses. This 3D is called Active 3D as opposed to the other type of 3D that uses polarized glasses and is called passive 3D.

The 3D Ready TV also has special programs on board which can process the 3D programming especially, and to convert 2D (regular HD) into a simulated 3D.

There is now additional 3D content from many more sources additionally Sports have become a big area for 3D, with ESPN having launched ESPN 3D which has introduced 3D sports programs which include world cup soccer, the NBA finals, golf and much more.

Blu-ray 3D Players have now also appeared that can give you full HD in 3D format.

Note! 3D Glasses are not required to view regular HD programs. So even if you are not going to initially buy accessories (glasses and 3D blu-ray players), you can still enjoy your 3D TV as a normal HDTV for high definition programming.

What’s new for 2015 3D TVs?

Well for 2015, you won’t find many 1080pixel 3D HDTVs, as a big change is happening. Almost all 2015 3D TVs now are 4K Ultra HD TVs.

Ultra HD having the much higher resolution than regular HDTVs. This makes a huge difference on the quality of 3D. We have viewed 3D in 4K, and we felt it was as good or better than the movie theater 3D. Curved 4K 3D TVs are also available for an even better immersive experience.

So for 2015 if you want a 3D TV, it will probably be a 4K Ultra HD set.